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Protective Equipment for Boys and Girls

What protective gear is needed? How do I know what to buy?

Lacrosse is an exciting sport which requires protective equipment for both boys and girls. Find out what you will need below:

8U Boys:

  • A boys lacrosse stick
  • Mouthguard
  • Athletic protector (cup)

8U Girls:

  • A girls lacrosse stick 
  • Mouthguard
  • Eye protection goggles (cage style) or helmet (this is personal preference).

10U / 12U / 14U Boys Required Gear: 

  • Lacrosse helmet - our league helmet color is gold, however any color can be worn.
  • Mouthguard – cannot be white or clear
  • Athletic supporter with cup
  • Shoulder pads with NOCSAE certification *see new rule effective in 2022 here.
  • Elbow pads
  • Lacrosse gloves
  • A boys short lacrosse stick. (Long sticks  - only 12U and up, for defenders only)
  • Cleats 
  • Goalies need additional chest and throat-guard protection (provided by EDH Lacrosse)
  • Optional equipment: Additional arm pads, rib pads.

10U / 12U / 14U Girls Required Gear:

  • Women’s Lacrosse Stick (NCAA approved)
  • Protective Goggles (cage style, not the see-through plastic type) OR helmet (this is personal preference).
  • Mouthguard – cannot be white or clear
  • Cleats
  • Goalie gear is provided by EDH Lacrosse
  • Optional equipment: gloves

US Lacrosse also has an equipment diagram that might be helpful for new players here


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