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    Welcome to our NEW website!

    Things may look a little different, but everything is the same. 

    A couple notes: 
    1. Everyone will need to create a new log in for our website, however if you have used Sports Engine before for another sport, you can use that one single log in across both sports. Hooray for less passwords!

    2. Download the NEW Sports Engine app. This will replace the SSU Play app. Optimized for Mobile, use this to stay up to date on all things team related during the season. 

    3. We are in the process of fine tuning the site. Most of what was on the previous site, is still here. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please send a message to

    Pride and Poise,
    Your EDHYLAX Board of Directors

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    In The Spotlight

    CLINIC Opportunity for 

    Boys and Girls 8-12 years old! 

    Sacramento Aces Lacrosse 
    is back in EDH to host another round of "Grow Your Game" clinics!

    This is fantastic training with fantastic coaches from one of our local comp leagues. Be sure to get in on the action while they are in our own backyard! Last year, we had 39 participants! We are hoping to get even more this season!

    Session 1 begins
    NEXT WEDNESDAY, Sept 1st!
    Be sure to register ASAP

    (We know it is short notice, but we wanted to be able to squeeze in 2 sessions.) 

    Who: Boys and Girls between 8 - 12 years old
    Session 1: Wednesdays, Sept 1st - Oct 6th
    Session 2: Wednesdays, Oct 13th - Nov 17th
    Possible Session 3: Wednesdays, Dec 1st (pending weather and interest)
    Time: 5:30-7pm (time subject to change due to daylight)
    LocationLakeview Elementary, 3371 Brittany Way, EDH
    Reg Fee: $95 per player/session

    *Boys gear required: helmet, mouthguard, gloves, cup and cleats.
    *Girls gear required: eye protection, mouthguard, cleats.

    Register HERE or at the link below. Registration is processed through Aces Lacrosse. 
    Have friends who might be interested? Feel free to share the registration link. 

    Spread the Word!

    Registration for Spring 2022 Season ALL AGES 8U - 14U Boys and Girls 

    opens October 1 - 31st! 

    Pride and Poise

    pride  /pr─źd/  noun
    a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

    poise  /poiz/  noun
    easy self-possessed assurance of manner : gracious tact in coping or handling

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