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Uniforms, Custom Gear & Swag Information


Keep an eye on your mailbox. All orders will ship direct to the address you provided.

We can't wait to see you all on the field!

Reminder all boys MUST have
shoulder pads that meet
the NOCSAE ND2000 Standard!

These pads offer improved protection in the center of the chest and are designed to help reduce the risk of Commotio Cordis, a rare, but serious, medical condition that is caused by low-impact trauma to the chest.  This impact can cause the heart to change its normal rhythm and lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Immediate CPR and defibrillation is necessary to restore the heart rhythm.

2023 Uniform Store

Our uniform store has closed. If you did not order your players uniform, please email

See Uniform FAQ's below

What uniform pieces are required for my player?

8U / 10U Boys and Girls - a jersey is required.
See bundle in the store.
*League uniform shorts and shooter shirts (undershirts) are optional, and available in the store. If you opt to provide your own, both the shooter shirt and shorts MUST BE NAVY. 

12U / 14U Boys and Girls - a jersey, short sleeve shooter and shorts are required. See bundle in the store.

*There are additional optional long sleeve shooters also available in the store for all ages. 


Be sure to try on the uniform to ensure proper sizing.

No changes can be made once the order is placed.

Uniforms are made to order and shipped directly to the address of your choice.
We DO NOT have additional
sizes to exchange items.


See below for more uniform FAQ's
Have additional questions about uniforms? Email

Is your player in need of a helmet?


The brand new Cascasde XRS in Trojan Gold
can be special ordered just for you.

Use this helmet all the way through high school!

We also have access to a phenomenal price!
PLEASE reach out. We can help!

To order or for questions, please email

Uniforms FAQ's

  • The uniform store link is not working.

  • I already have the current uniform, shorts, or a shooter shirt, do I still need to purchase?

    • No, returning players only need to buy a new uniform as needed.  Be sure to check if your player has outgrown theirs, has lost a piece of the uniform, or their uniform is damaged.

  • Do I have to purchase a jersey?

    • Yes, all players are required to have a uniform to play.

  • My child is playing 8U or 10U. Do I need to purchase a uniform?

    • Yes. Starting with the 2022 spring season ALL 8U and 10U players are only required to purchase a jersey. A jersey is NOT included in the registration fees, and must be purchased during the open uniform ordering period. 

      • Optional uniform shorts and shooter are available in the uniform store. If you opt to provide your own shorts and shooter, they MUST BE NAVY. 

  • What uniform pieces are required for 12U & 14U?

    • Boys and girls 12U & 14U are required to purchase a jersey, shorts, and a short sleeve shooter shirt.

      • Additional long sleeve shooters are available for purchase in the uniform store.

  • What happens if I miss the window to order a uniform?

    • Your child is required to have a uniform to play in games. The league does NOT stock uniforms. If you miss the order window, your child will NOT be able to play in games.

  • When will I receive my uniform?

    • Once the uniforms store closes, it typically takes about 5-6 weeks for uniforms to be produced and shipped. Our uniforms are custom made to order. Covid and supply chains have been impacting shipping/production estimates.

  • I noticed I have to pay for shipping on my uniforms. Is there any way to avoid the shipping fee?

    • No, the uniform manufacturer ships directly to you and they require a shipping fee. We do not have the option to receive a bulk order.

  • How will I receive my uniform?
    • Uniforms will be shipped directly to the address of your choice.


  • How do I know what size to order?
    • The league will offer several try-on days for uniforms. We strongly encourage all players to try on sample uniforms for sizing. Watch the league webpage for dates.

  • If I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange?
    • No, the uniform purchases are made directly with the manufacturer. The league does not keep uniforms in stock. Be sure to attend a sample try-on day for correct sizing.

  • I ordered a uniform, and my child no longer wants to play, can I return it?
    • No, there are no returns, refunds or exchanges on any uniform. All uniform sales placed directly with the manufacturer are final. You can however resell the uniform to another family.

  • Can my player choose their jersey number?
    • Yes, NEW players should have selected up to 3 number choices during the registration process. However, there is no guarantee that those numbers will be assigned to your player. Numbers are assigned based on league seniority and availability. NCJLA does not allow us to have duplicate numbers on the same team. If the 3 numbers your child has chosen are not available, one will be selected for you. 

  • RETURNING players keep their jersey numbers the whole time they are a Trojan! 

    • Player numbers may be reassigned if a player skips a season.

  • Where do I enter my players jersey number on my uniform order? 
    • You do not need to enter the jersey number when ordering. We assign your player the correct number on our end to ensure we do not have duplicate numbers. 

  • NOTE:  There is a field to enter “player name” when entering the order on the Uniform Store.  NAMES will NOT be printed on the jersey.  This info assists us in matching the correct jersey number with the orders.

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